Why are branded bags so special or preferred over many other equally stylish looking cheaper bags?

The Look

No matter what the design or style the local bags have, they cannot match the design and style of the branded bags. Because, they are either patented for or the design costs money, that is why the branded bags flaunt them and charge you a premium for it. A branded bag stands apart in  a crowd and one can easily spot a fake or a local bag.

The Details

Branded bags have a reputation to maintain and they pay attention to the minutest details one can imagine. Everything has to be perfect before the bag is launched. The zips, the inner lining, the tassels, etc are all ensured to be of good quality and flawless. When it is a local bag, the attention to details usually stops at the outer material or the design. If more attention is paid, you have to pay more.

The Quality

You will never see a branded bag snap after the first use. Of course, there are exceptions, but in general, these bags last long. They are capable of handling more weight and improper use too, when compared to the non branded ones. Though it is better to use these branded bags delicately and ensure they are well taken care of, on days when you just don’t have the time to pay attention to your bag, the branded ones can withstand it. If it were a non branded bag, more often than not, you will tend to use is lightly, and not really care much about it. The way you handle it will show in couple of uses.

SO, now that you know how paying that extra money for a branded bag makes a difference, you can go in for the well reputed brands. If you are wondering where to start, the best out of the bunch YSL bags could be a good start.…