All of us live in the internet era, where online is the buzz! Our personal activities from emails, banking, education, ticket booking, social media, online shopping etc., everything needs online accounts to be registered. We struggle to remember the login details and the related passwords. While this has become an evitable part of our personal and professional lives, it gets frustrating at times. A survey says that on an average a person must remember at least 19 passwords. Some surveys also anticipate average accounts per user to be 207 by the year 2020! Managing these many accounts is just unimaginable.

Now juggling passwords is the next big task. It is risky to have the same password for several accounts. It gets the hackers work easy. Whenever we forget our login details, most of the companies send the forgotten passwords in clear text. This leaves these passwords in your inbox, unless you have trashed those emails, and can be easily uncovered by hackers.

How to tackle this problem?

Thanks to the fast-paced technological innovations! Now we have several password managers software tools or apps available, which lets you manage your login ids and passwords. These are secured with exceptional encryption methods. Some browsers have a built-in password manager, so you can have your login details saved on your personal computer.

This software can also generate passwords for you. Recently I installed PasswordWallet on my iPhone and now I can generate unique strong passwords with this app. This helps a lot because it is a challenge to come up with different strong passwords for every new login we create or every time we forget the password and need to create a new one.

Why overload your brain with an endless list of passwords? Get your password manager installed today, because it is a great way to unwind your mind and brains.