We may be aware that Vibration analysis, which is a part of the predictive maintenance. This technology, when used accurately, can prevent an unforeseen breakdown in any industry, and thus save loads of money, help avoid wastage of time, manpower and also prevent any potential hazards. The hazards that may be caused due to an industrial breakdown in terms of risk to human life, as well as environmental hazards, can be anticipated and avoided with the help of vibration technology.

How can one tell if a part requires maintenance?

A technician or industry maintenance personnel is qualified to read and understand the calibrations of a vibration meter will be able to interpret the vibrating patterns of rotating equipment. They know how to recognize any changes in the alignment of the axis, any defect in the bearing, and changes or bend in parts or any parts that have become loose. Each of these changes is notified by a change in the vibration pattern which a qualified professional can identify accurately.

How has the vibration technology evolved over the years?

The vibration technology has come a long way from its primitive concepts. Though the basic understanding of vibration analysis remains the same, check this out to know more about how the technology evolved.

Earlier, to read the frequencies at which the vibrations were most defined, it required dialing an instrument through the complete spectrum. The technician then had to take help of a chart to compare the peak frequencies to the operating speed. This process was cumbersome but had the advantage of the technician soon becoming well versed with the changes in the pattern.

With modern technology, the vibration analyzers have become sophisticated, with more automatic functions than before. Many displays the axis spectrum of all three axes (linear, vertical and axial) simultaneously. This helps to pinpoint the exact problem. However, no matter how improved the technology may get, industries will always need a knowledgeable operator to perform the functions perfectly.