With the new- generation games getting bigger and thus occupying more storage space, the console space in video games like Xbox One isjust not sufficient at all. The inbuilt 50drive 0GB hard drive in the new consoles is extremely small in space and can hardly accommodate a couple of full release games, patches, and some downloadable content packs. So much so, even the tools that are made available to the players to be able to record and share their gameplay with others also is eating up the available storage space.

Such a small hard drive is definitely not a long -sighted installation as it can hardly cope with the requirements of even an average player to store the games that he plays even for a period of one year.  Even reputed companies who manufacture some of the most popular and fast-moving Xbox One consoles also only pack a 500 GB internal Hard drive keeping aside 93 GB of storage for The Operating System (OS). n The remaining Storage space of 407 GB is now available for storing applications, the capture gallery, themes, and application saved data. So, rest assured we can conclude that this storage space is definitely not enough to even for the average gamer leave alone a voracious player.

What’s the solution?

The best thing to do for passionate gamers is to upgrade their Xbox One consoles with an additional drive that has a bigger storage space and can store a really huge number of games and has space for other applications and features as well.  The Xbox One external hard drive is probably just this thing you need to upgrade your much loved and played with video gaming console. The process of up-gradation is also pretty simple and can be easily carried out with help of a self -explanatory user guide.