Life sometimes throws up unique challenges and that too at unexpected times. There have been many situations faced by people where they are in a situation that was totally unexpected and exactly the opposite of fun.

For example what you might have imagined as a good hiking or trekking could turn out to be a nightmare. Especially when you are going in a forest area say without a person who has goo knowledge and experience of that area, then a wrong turn might make you forget the way back. Losing your way in a remote location is certainly a nightmare and in order to survive such situations, one may not be prepared when they started for the trip. Thus it is important to have some items that are handy. There are some tools that qualify as a Good outdoor survival tool; some of them are given below

Swiss Army Knife: A Swiss Army knife is very handy and can easily fit into your pockets or small carry bags; it has many sharp accessories that can be used when the need arises. No one knows what sorts of dangers are lurking and hence it is better to have some sharp handy object.

Flashlight: A flashlight is also small in size to carry easily and when you are in the dark it really helps to find things and also if someone is coming in search of you then it would be good to attract attention to you.

Lighter: Whether you maybe a smoker or not, it is better to carry a lighter, especially if you are stuck somewhere in the jungle or if you are in a cold place. It could be used to light a fire to scare animals as well as to keep you warm and also the smoke would attract the attention of the search party.

Thus have some handy tools who knows what surprises life would throw.