Technology has been both a bane and boon. If a person understands the level of their usage, their applications are considered and believed to be very safe even for kids. Technology has been playing a very vital role in every single aspect of life and all the devices that we use in our day-to-day life are all operated on technology. This, of course, might look very beneficial but when this goes beyond a limit, it might prove harmful.

There are a lot of games these days that operate on technology as the primary thing and all of these games that come online also come with some tips and tricks that would help the players in experiencing a victory over the challenges he faces in the game. There have been many research and studies to understand the effects of technology and their impacts in the lives of children and most of them have come out with shocking results stating that technology or the use of technology-driven devices might be harmful over a period of time. This holds good for everything that we use in our daily routine. There are some very advanced and simple DVD players that can be operated even by kids but not all of them are safe and hence kids have to be kept away from the use of such devices. But at the same time, there are also such devices that are safe for kids, the ones that operate on moderate technology and that which are proven safe for kids. These generally operate with simple functionalities and this is the portable DVD player I bought for my kid. Advanced and latest-technology driven devices are always an attraction but they have to be bought after analyzing the degree of safety that they offer us and our kids especially.