Top Features of Radar Detectors

Radar Detectors are becoming popular and many car owners have started mounting these devices in the vehicle dashboard. While these devices are still illegal in some places, they are becoming legal in many places. To own a radar detector, one needs to know the key features of this complex device such as Range, detection capabilities, GPS navigation, auto-learn function, and portability.

  1. Range

Traffic Police record the speed of vehicles and Radar Detectors alert the car drivers to slow down their speeds before their speed is recorded by the police. But the timing the detector takes to alert the drivers is a critical factor. Basic models are not of much use in this case. Many standard detectors alert within a 1-mile range and in thecae of urban areas, within 0.25-mile range. Detectors also need to be sensitive so that they don’t give false alarms.

  1. POP System Detection

The Radar guns used by traffic police work on K-Band frequency. Radar detectors can sense the use of Radar guns from a certain range so that the drivers can slow down before being targeted. Law enforcement always finds a way to shield themselves against these radar detectors and they have introduced the POP modes in their radar guns. But again, there are many detectors out in the market that can track even the short signals.

  1. Portability

While the majority of the radar detectors are powered by the power adapter that can be plugged into the car lighter outlet, there are some that can be powered by batteries. This makes them portable. Also, radar detectors that can be mounted on windshields with clips or suction cups are preferred as they can be moved from one vehicle to another.

  1. Auto-Learn Function

Radar Detectors comes with an auto-learn function to identify and save the false reading spots for future reference. Thus, it learns to dismiss those places from where the false alarm was produced the previous time.

  1. GPS Navigation

GPS technology is helpful when the car is approaching a speed camera or other speed traps. Also, if a radar detector has GPS navigation capacity, it reduces the clutter in the dashboard.

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April 19, 2017

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