When it comes to choosing a good monitor for gamers, there are a lot of criteria that has to be looked into. The resolution and the panel size, the panel technology, the refresh rate and the pixel response, and the video inputs are among the important factors to be looked at. Here is Top Gaming Monitors Buying Guide (2017) to help you make your decision

Best Budget Monitor

  • HP Pavillion 22xw

Top budget monitor for everyday use

  • Acer R240HY
  • ASUS VC239H
  • BenQ GL2460HM
  • Acer G276HL Gbd

Best Entry-Level 144Hz Monitors

  • BenQ ZOWIE XL2411
  • AOC G2460PF

Outstanding 4K G-Sync Monitor

  • Acer XB280HK
  • Acer Predator XB271HK

High 1440p Free Sync Gaming Display

  • ASUS MG279Q
  • Acer Predator XF270HU

The above list is not exhaustive. The fact that a particular monitor falls into the category of ‘best’ depends on what you are looking for. The budget and the different preferences matter. Depending on the category, the monitor that fits the criterion will be the winner.

A comparison is a good idea when deciding which the best monitor to pick is. The satisfaction that a monitor gives versus its popularity is also studied very carefully. Do not make a compromise. Instead, figure out which is the best monitor on the market that satisfies your personal needs.

When it comes to panel size and the resolution, bigger is always considered to be better. A good gaming monitor has a high refresh rate and a fast pixel response. A variety of video inputs must be possible. The price, of course, must be justifiable.

End of the day, the good gamer needs more than powerful graphic solutions. He needs a monitor that will display the action and the game without faulty screening. This includes flickering, blurring, and tearing of the moving pictures. Pick a display that will provide a smooth and enhanced gaming experience. Find the correct balance of viewing angles, resolution, colour quality and refresh rate.