The History Of Radar

Radar, as a technology, came in to use in the late 19th century, but the technology became prolific after World War 2 when it was used as strategic tool by the Allied Forces. Since then, Radar has had many applications and one of them is the Radar Detector.

The one advancement that helps propel radar technology forward was the development of machines that could send out short radio pulses. These machines enabled radar technology in its modern farm to come into popular use. The pulses were timed on something known as an oscilloscope and this helped users determine the direction of the signal. Once his was possible it was possible to detect the direction of the targets.

Despite the progress made, radar was mostly for military and tactical use. However, it became apparent that this technology could be used in civilian life as well and radar technology began finding use in civilian law enforcement as well. The actual word “RADAR” was coined in 1939 by the Signal Corps of the United States.

If there is radar, there is also a radar detector. A counter technology, if you will. In military use, it gives enemies a tactical advantage, however, in civilian applications, this means that people can avoid certain rules from being enforced, like speeding tickets, for instance.

Radar Detectors

Radar detectors are widely used and prevent police from pulling over drivers for speeding. This is because drivers already know that there is a patrol car waiting, and slow down enough to escape the police scanner.

The Whistler CR93 Laser Radar Detector is a really good police radar detector. This detector will not affect your budget, so, it really is useful in terms of giving you a great service but for a good price. A value for money buy. This mounts easily and its bright display ensures that you can read it from a long distance.

June 21, 2017

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Why Brand And Budget Matter While Buying A DSLR Camera

Buying a DSLR camera can be overwhelming. This is the case no matter if it is your first camera or another one in your collection. There are numerous DSLR cameras out there in the market. This makes choosing one even more difficult. But you definitely need a lot of research before you buy so that you make a good value for money purchase. DSLR cameras are long term companions. This is one main reason why you should put in more efforts in picking one.

To buy a camera, you would definitely have to look into the technical specifications of the camera. But brand and budget are two main factors that would help you shortlist all the best ones:

  1. Budget:

Choosing your budget helps a great deal to start with. This is because the market is filled with digital SLR cameras of all shapes and sizes. Most of them also closely resemble in their features. The price might often be one factor setting them apart. Given the competitive market, buying Cheap Digital Single-Lens Reflex Digital Cameras are pretty simple. But does the camera have all the features you want, that would be the next question. Once you have narrowed down your choices with your budget, proceed with analyzing the next aspects.

  1. Brand:

There are many brands of DSLR cameras available. One main fact to remember is that if there is a brand that has made a name for itself in the consumer electronic segment that alone doesn’t make its cameras reliable. In the camera segment, there have been some names that have held their position for a long time. With DSLRs, in particular, it is always good to go with a reliable brand instead of going for some model simply because it is less expensive.

Once these two major decisions are made, then get into the technical specifications. Look at the sensor of the camera, the resolution, lens mount and other features.

May 24, 2017

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Surviving The Unexpected

Life sometimes throws up unique challenges and that too at unexpected times. There have been many situations faced by people where they are in a situation that was totally unexpected and exactly the opposite of fun.

For example what you might have imagined as a good hiking or trekking could turn out to be a nightmare. Especially when you are going in a forest area say without a person who has goo knowledge and experience of that area, then a wrong turn might make you forget the way back. Losing your way in a remote location is certainly a nightmare and in order to survive such situations, one may not be prepared when they started for the trip. Thus it is important to have some items that are handy. There are some tools that qualify as a Good outdoor survival tool; some of them are given below

Swiss Army Knife: A Swiss Army knife is very handy and can easily fit into your pockets or small carry bags; it has many sharp accessories that can be used when the need arises. No one knows what sorts of dangers are lurking and hence it is better to have some sharp handy object.

Flashlight: A flashlight is also small in size to carry easily and when you are in the dark it really helps to find things and also if someone is coming in search of you then it would be good to attract attention to you.

Lighter: Whether you maybe a smoker or not, it is better to carry a lighter, especially if you are stuck somewhere in the jungle or if you are in a cold place. It could be used to light a fire to scare animals as well as to keep you warm and also the smoke would attract the attention of the search party.

Thus have some handy tools who knows what surprises life would throw.

April 20, 2017

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Video Editing Skills: Before You Buy The Editing Software

With the advent of technology, people have gotten into making videos and publishing them online for public viewing. What differentiates one from the other is the editing. Crisp editing is required for you to transform ordinary content into something that fascinates an audience whether it is the videos of you little one or subject-oriented videos. As an editor, you are trying to tell a story, it is for you to remove the clutter and present a seamless story that captivates your audience.

Even if you have the best laptop for video editing, it is pointless without the right software and the general know-how. If you are just putting baby steps into the world of video editing, it will help to pay attentions to the following:

Picking the right software is critical: There is a lot of video editing software that is available in the market and it varies in prices. But if you plan to invest or buy software to edit videos, it will make sense to use the free version available online before you buy the actual product. Microsoft and Apple come with their own video editing systems. Depending on your capability and knowledge you can add to the features.

Forum or Blog Groups: There quite a few forums online comprising of people who have experienced movie makers or those that have the knowledge that you seek. Such forums are great for learners and you can slowly build on what you know. They will provide you with the technical expertise and knowledge and that will go a long way when you are just starting out. With time and experience, you will be able to edit with finesse.

Packages with a subscription fee:  For a monthly subscription fee, you can find packages with all kinds of software- to help you with after effects, motion graphics tools, Photoshop and Illustrator. Some of these tools you may not use but with different movies or videos, you may use different techniques and tools.

April 13, 2017

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The Emerging Vibration Technology

We may be aware that Vibration analysis, which is a part of the predictive maintenance. This technology, when used accurately, can prevent an unforeseen breakdown in any industry, and thus save loads of money, help avoid wastage of time, manpower and also prevent any potential hazards. The hazards that may be caused due to an industrial breakdown in terms of risk to human life, as well as environmental hazards, can be anticipated and avoided with the help of vibration technology.

How can one tell if a part requires maintenance?

A technician or industry maintenance personnel is qualified to read and understand the calibrations of a vibration meter will be able to interpret the vibrating patterns of rotating equipment. They know how to recognize any changes in the alignment of the axis, any defect in the bearing, and changes or bend in parts or any parts that have become loose. Each of these changes is notified by a change in the vibration pattern which a qualified professional can identify accurately.

How has the vibration technology evolved over the years?

The vibration technology has come a long way from its primitive concepts. Though the basic understanding of vibration analysis remains the same, check this out to know more about how the technology evolved.

Earlier, to read the frequencies at which the vibrations were most defined, it required dialing an instrument through the complete spectrum. The technician then had to take help of a chart to compare the peak frequencies to the operating speed. This process was cumbersome but had the advantage of the technician soon becoming well versed with the changes in the pattern.

With modern technology, the vibration analyzers have become sophisticated, with more automatic functions than before. Many displays the axis spectrum of all three axes (linear, vertical and axial) simultaneously. This helps to pinpoint the exact problem. However, no matter how improved the technology may get, industries will always need a knowledgeable operator to perform the functions perfectly.


April 10, 2017

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What To Look For When Buying Gaming Monitors

When it comes to choosing a good monitor for gamers, there are a lot of criteria that has to be looked into. The resolution and the panel size, the panel technology, the refresh rate and the pixel response, and the video inputs are among the important factors to be looked at. Here is Top Gaming Monitors Buying Guide (2017) to help you make your decision

Best Budget Monitor

  • HP Pavillion 22xw

Top budget monitor for everyday use

  • Acer R240HY
  • ASUS VC239H
  • BenQ GL2460HM
  • Acer G276HL Gbd

Best Entry-Level 144Hz Monitors

  • BenQ ZOWIE XL2411
  • AOC G2460PF

Outstanding 4K G-Sync Monitor

  • Acer XB280HK
  • Acer Predator XB271HK

High 1440p Free Sync Gaming Display

  • ASUS MG279Q
  • Acer Predator XF270HU

The above list is not exhaustive. The fact that a particular monitor falls into the category of ‘best’ depends on what you are looking for. The budget and the different preferences matter. Depending on the category, the monitor that fits the criterion will be the winner.

A comparison is a good idea when deciding which the best monitor to pick is. The satisfaction that a monitor gives versus its popularity is also studied very carefully. Do not make a compromise. Instead, figure out which is the best monitor on the market that satisfies your personal needs.

When it comes to panel size and the resolution, bigger is always considered to be better. A good gaming monitor has a high refresh rate and a fast pixel response. A variety of video inputs must be possible. The price, of course, must be justifiable.

End of the day, the good gamer needs more than powerful graphic solutions. He needs a monitor that will display the action and the game without faulty screening. This includes flickering, blurring, and tearing of the moving pictures. Pick a display that will provide a smooth and enhanced gaming experience. Find the correct balance of viewing angles, resolution, colour quality and refresh rate.

April 2, 2017

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Buy Real YouTube Views, Your Shortcut To The Top

If you have your own YouTube channel, every bit you do for it matters. Especially if your content is good, it deserves the boost it needs to reach the top.

Viewers do not know if a video is worthwhile or not before they watch it. Though videos have a title and thumbnail, it hardly says much. Viewers often resort to checking the number of YouTube views a video has, before deciding whether to watch it or not.

This one fact has given birth to a complete new industry, where you can buy real YouTube views.

Why must one buy real YouTube views?

Though it is an individual decision, there are enough instances where great channels flop because of low viewership. Despite having good content, they give the viewer a wrong impression of being ‘not worth their time’.

And every hit video was at some point ignored until it got the right exposure.

When you buy  views, you get the right exposure. It provides a ‘social proof’ that urges a viewer to have a look.

These viewers can eventually become a subscriber and may even become a loyal customer especially in case of e-commerce website. Always remember, every view counts, every viewer is a potential customer.

These views are not real but they lead your videos towards real viewers.

Wondering what all to watch out for?

Though it is a widely practised technique, it is still spoken about in ‘hush hush’. Despite being a platform that launches videos towards a high ranking it is considered unacceptable.

One needs to watch out for which website they buy real YouTube views from. As there are some suspicious ones, that do more trouble than good. They often make big promises and fail to deliver. Worse they add spam to your page, and may get your page banned.

Should you choose to buy  views, always buy from high quality service providers. Opting for the cheapest options may not always be the best way.

March 25, 2017

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